Helpful Websites

Here your child can find a plethora of online educational games that are free and enjoyable. Activities cover multiple subjects for grades K-5

This interactive and entertaining website is great place for children to practice their math facts.

This website is another engaging educational online interactive site that covers a variety of subject areas like math, social studies, science and language arts.

Quizlet is a free interactive study tool where children can create their own flashcards and tests and play study games to enhance their learning.

This website “is the brain-child of Stephen Schutz. At age 9, Stephen was still struggling to read. What came easily for his peers required many more hours of his work. As a reader, he was consistently toward the bottom of his class. Now a PhD in physics and a successful publisher and artist, Dr. Schutz, with the help of his dedicated team, created Starfall to ensure today's children have resources that can help.” StarfallEducation. (n.d.). Retrieved November 24, 2014, from

Parents can visit this comprehensive website to find a plethora of information and numerous free resources concerning a child's academic, social and emotional needs.

Sign your child up for a free membership to access a myriad of free educational tutorials and interactive exercises featuring content subject areas like math and science.

Help foster your child's love of reading with online video books. Visit this website and discover several storybooks read aloud by familiar actors.