Honoring the Nation’s Veterans

Honoring the Nation’s Veterans

Mandalay Elementary School designated the month of November as Gratitude Month. Prior to Veterans Day, students focused on “Grateful for the USA” on which they reflected on the sacrifices veterans have made for this country’s freedoms and safety.

Under the direction of adviser Angela Buffalino-Morgan, student council ran a schoolwide Treats for Troops candy drive and accompanied their donation with handmade thank-you cards. The members then met virtually on Google Meet with Nassau County Blue Star Mother Andrea Norquist, who explained the process of sorting the candy donations and how the sorting process depends on where the candy is being shipped. For example, candy shipments to a location during summer would not include chocolate. Ms. Norquist also explained how much the candy is enjoyed by the troops and as a reminder that there is “sweetness in the world.”

First grade students in Christine Kopp’s class also researched a relative or person they know who served the armed services. In their research, the students were asked to reflect on why their subject or a veteran (if they did not know one) is special. They included a photo of the individual in their report and presented their research to classmates.  

Both activities provided students the opportunity to display their respect and admiration for those who have served their country.


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