Inspired by Code

Inspired by code

First grade students in Arlene Berman’s class at Mandalay Elementary School in Wantagh participated in’s Hour of Code and celebrated Computer Science Week (Dec. 7-12) by learning how to program Ozobots.  

The Ozobot is a toy-sized computer that can identify lines, colors and codes on digital and physical surfaces. It’s ease of use is helpful to young students who are learning about computer programming and coding.  

During the lesson, the students learned to turn the Ozobot on and off and then determined how to create a just-right line for their Ozobot to follow. Once comfortable making lines and shapes, the students’ goal was to create a path for their Ozobot to travel and arrive at school. Ms. Berman said the students enjoyed problem-solving in order to create a successful path to their destination.


MA Ozobots 4

MA Ozobots 3 MA Ozobots 2