Kindness Gets Noticed at Mandalay

Kindness Gets Noticed at Mandalay

Kindness is a valued virtue at Mandalay Elementary School and 17 students were recognized for being kind and considerate throughout the 2021-2022 school year.

Near the end of the school day on June 2, Principal Marie Pisicchio announced the winners of this year’s kindness awards. The school presents two awards – Helping Hands and Thinking of Others First – and students were nominated by their teachers. Winners, who included at least two students from every grade, were invited to the lobby to receive a certificate from Ms. Pisicchio.

Congratulations to:

Helping Hands award – Dean Brickner, Michael Christoforidis, Liam Huey, William Leimone, Daxton Maloney, Luca Pignataro, Ariella Ranni, Nate Walsh and Thomas Zanca.

Thinking of Others First award – Katelyn Beamer, Angela Conigliaro, Addison Dispenza, Ella Farinacci, Sejal Jhoda, Sophia Martinez, Taylor Mekeel and Grayson Vecchio.