Mandalay Students Make Their Mark

Mandalay Students Make Their Mark One Dot at a Time

International Dot Day is a celebration of creativity, and students at Mandalay Elementary Schools showed just how powerful their imaginations can be.

To kick off the school year, students in kindergarten through fifth grade worked on dot-themed projects during STEAM classes with teacher Alexa Del Piano. Each grade had a specific task. First graders colored on small paper plates, second graders made 3D sculptures and fourth graders did their dots digitally. In fifth grade, students decorated their own paint brushes which were used to make dot paintings. 

The artwork was showcased during a gallery walk in each school on Sept. 15, International Dot Day. Students from all grades were able to see the work made by their classmates and their peers throughout the school. Many children proudly exclaimed when they noticed work by a sibling. 

International Dot Day, in which children across the world are encouraged to make their mark, is inspired by the Peter Reynolds book, “The Dot.” In the story, a young girl is encouraged by her teacher to trust in her abilities and create a beautiful piece of work. Messages in “The Dot” include confidence, courage and self-discovery.