Seasonal Door Spirit Unveiled at Mandalay

Seasonal Door Spirit Unveiled at Mandalay

During the month of October, the Mandalay Elementary School faculty and staff ramped up school spirit by embedding additional spirit days and hosting the school’s first Halloween door-decorating contest. The project was an artistic collaboration between students and their teachers and each grade-level participated with an assigned theme which included pumpkin patch (kindergarten), scarecrows (grade 1), trick or treat (grade 2), monsters (grade 3), haunted house (grade 4) and mummies (grade 5). The students were given a Google Form survey to vote on which grade should receive each of the available awards.

Second grade was the overall winner of the contest, which will now be held annually. Other awards include the following:

Kindergarten – Most Collaborative Team

Grade 1 – Most Artistic

Grade 3 – Most Organized

Grade 4 – Best Represented Theme

Grade 5 – Most Creative

Principal Marie Pisicchio said she and the faculty were proud of the students and teachers for their award-winning artistic creations and that she looks forward to next year’s door-decorating contest.

To view all of the school’s talented creations, log onto the attached link: