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Psychological Services

We would like to encourage you to contact us if you have any concerns at all regarding your child. Possible reasons to refer your child are:

  1. If your child is experiencing academic, social or behavioral difficulties in school.
  2. If your child is experiencing any emotional difficulties such as sudden anxiety or depression.
  3. If there is a recent or ongoing stressor in your family that may affect your child's mood or ability to concentrate in school.

School psychologists are an integral part of the support system in the elementary schools.   They are licensed and certified professionals who are trained to diagnose and assess learning, emotional and behavioral difficulties.  They are skilled in individual, group, and family counseling techniques.  Some school age children may have difficulties in personal or social adjustment in school, the home and/or the community.  They may talk to the psychologist for short or long term counseling. Referral sources include parents, school personnel and/or children themselves.  In addition to these interventions, they also provide specialized services such as:

  • Psychological and educational testing for the Committee on Special Education
  • Social and developmental histories and triennial re-evaluations for special education
  • Mandated counseling for special education students
  • Chairperson for Response to Intervention and Sub-Committees for Special Education
  • Liaison between home, school and outside resources.
  • Consultation services to teachers and parents for students with academic and/or emotional difficulties.
  • Assistance groups (such as for students of separated or divorced parents, students having trouble making friends)
  • Crisis intervention

All evaluations, as well as any extended student counseling sessions, are only conducted with parental written consent. These services are available to anyone whose children attend one of the Wantagh elementary schools.