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BMX Bikers Fly High Over Mandalay in Daredevil Display of Safety

Posted Date: 05/23/2024

BMX Biker Safety Assembly


Mandalay Elementary quickly turned into an outdoor BMX Biker roadshow when two experienced daredevils stopped by to share some important lessons about life sure to be remembered by each student in the audience.

The BMX Bikers are two guys who simply love riding bikes while doing daring tricks to make any crowd gasp. Between the two of them, they have over 25 years of experience and once they learned that they could make a living out of riding bikes while entertaining, they have been having a flying good time ever since.

In between stunts, students were given lessons on trying their best, to always pay attention, and to always put safety first. Before the show began, each biker demonstrated how safe they were and how it’s necessary to wear safety gear before doing stunts.
Of course, a show isn’t as fun as it could be unless teachers are involved, right? With the crowd urging on their teachers, a dance show soon took center stage before teachers were asked to lay on the ground while a biker flew other them safely.

This unforgettable event not only entertained but also educated students all while having a great time outdoors.

BMX Biker Safety Assembly